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Stair Refinishing


Wood stairs are elegant and on trend. But, over time finish wears due to the traffic of daily life. Stairs get neglected, and worn stairs make your space look worn. Refinishing your stairs can restore them to looking like new.

When it comes to stair refinishing it must be done by professionals who understand the importance of getting the job done properly. So if your stairs are looking a bit dull and run down, then contact us at Arlington Hardwood Flooring and get a quote to have your stairs refinished. We are the best at what we do, and you can see it in all our work, from the first to the last step.

The Process

If you want the job to be done properly, then there is quite a rigorous process, it a pretty tight space. We have standards in place to ensure only the highest quality refinishing. The process of refinishing stairs begins with stripping the stairs down to the bare minimum. This includes getting rid of any carpets, staples, shoe molding, wall trim, spindles, and more. We then analyze your staircase and take note of any markings or gaps that need filling. This includes filling staple and nail holes. This is followed by the sanding process, and then we finish it off by covering your stairs the stain and finish of your choice, to give your stairs that brand new look.

Why You Should Refinish

Hardwood flooring is an investment, and your stairs are a part of that investment. When your stairs are old, dull, and dreary it makes your home look worn. When you're refinishing your hardwood floors, consider doing the stairs as well. Give your stairs the makeover they deserve and contact us for a quote to refinish your stairs.

Update Your Space

When moving into your dream home, not everything will always be how you want it to be. A large part of our customer base buys homes that have fantastic bones, but just need a little bit of re-modeling to modernize the home to today's standards. One of the changes that most people like to make is to remove the old carpets from their stairs and opt for a more elegant finish such as hardwood stairs with panted risers. Upgrade your old carpet staircase to a lovely wooden staircase or refinish your old worn stairs.

When refinishing your staircase, consider replacing the railing, refinishing the handrail with fresh stain and finish, painting or staining Spindles (Balusters), or update the stringer.

Wood Stair Refinishing Cost

When looking at the cost of refinishing stairs, it is important to remember that refinishing stairs is a lot of detailed manual work which makes it a little bit more expensive than refinishing your floors. Which is completely understandable, given the intricate nature of the work. There is no standard cost for replacing stairs as there are various options to consider. For example, which type of stain and finish are being used, Whether you need the risers and spindles to be painted, and many other options which are purely dependent on the customer. So get in touch with us and let us know what you want, and we can get working on the quote for you.

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