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Hardwood Floor Repair


Hardwood Floors are classic, durable and very versatile.

Over time, wood floors are damaged by wear and tear, furniture, dogs, water, and accidents. Fortunately, many floors can be repaired, instead of being replaced. We can replace damaged boards, stain them to match, then refinish the entire floor so everything looks very close to seamless.

We know life can be very fast-paced, and home maintenance can take a back seat. So sometimes before you even realize that it happened, you missed the window to repair your hardwood floors and now sit in the unenviable boat of having to replace them. Don't let it get that far, because we at Arlington Hardwood Flooring have the perfect hardwood floor repair services suited to your pocket. As you can imagine, repairing your floors will be a lot more cost-effective than replacing them. So get in touch today so that we can get started on repairing your hardwood floors.

When To Repair Wood Floors

Often hardwood floors are found in older homes. They offer such a magical charm and a real authenticity about them. Until you need to go to the bathroom in the early hours of the morning and wake up everyone in the house because every step you take is accompanied by the sound of the floorboards creaking, or splinters in your feet. In fairness, hardwood floors last a very long time so they can be forgiven for developing those creaks decades later. Luckily for you, your floors can be repaired and refinished. So contact us to find out if your floors are eligible for the process. 

Damaged Floors

A lot of people tiptoe around their wooden floors as if they're afraid it will break. When the reality is that hardwood floors are extremely durable and takes a long time to develop any natural damage from wear and tear. Knowing how to professionally clean wood floor, and  refinishing every 6-10 years can hold off most wear and tear repairs. However, when the time comes that you need professional floor repair, such as the services that we offer at Arlington Hardwood Flooring, get in touch with us so that we can repair your floors and take them back to their glory days. 

Cracked Wood

Hardwood floors are among the most beautiful types of flooring that you will come across and have really stood the test of time when compared to more modern materials that have entered the market. As with all good things, downsides always exist. One of those being that if you don't maintain your hardwood floors they will crack over time. Should you find yourself in this situation, then your hardwood floors are a prime candidate to be repaired. Here at Arlington Hardwood Flooring, we specialize in all types of hardwood floor repairs, so contact us so that we can run through some of the repairing options we have that will increase the longevity of your hardwood floors.

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