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Hardwood Floor Installation


When it comes to new hardwood floor installation, most people will agree that the process is exciting and even a little bit stressful because of all the options that are at your disposal. The fear of making the wrong choice can be a lot to handle. This is why our team of experts at Arlington Hardwood Flooring is standing by to assist you in making your flooring, stain and finish decisions. We have the knowledge to pair the right types of wood with the right finishes. So that is one less thing that you need to focus on. 

What Are My Hardwood Floor Options?

When installing a new hardwood floor there are lots of things to consider and choice to make. Wood flooring is a long term investment. The choices you make underpin the entire look of your space. Your first choice is between Solid Hardwood Floors or Engineered Flooring.

Solid Hardwood Floors

Solid hardwood means the floor is made out of solid wood planks. It is usually installed over a plywood subfloor. The planks, and the floor are durable and long listing. You can select the species, pattern and the way it's finished. They are easy to maintain, can be refinished again and again. They hold the stresses and loads of daily life well. Plus it tends to be a bit more quiet and a lot more luxurious.

The downside? Solid Wood does not do well with humidity, water or extreme temperature changes.

If you select Solid Hardwood Floors to be installed, then you also need to consider:

Species of Wood

The way your floor looks depends on the wood you choose. Each species has a different pattern. style and   hardness.

Color and Stain

Floors can be installed to showcase their natural color, or you can select a stain to create the exact color you want.

Prefinished vs Finished on Site

Hardwood planks can be bought as raw wood with gets finished, on site, after installation. OR prefinished, which means the stain and finish were applied at the factory.

Prefinished Floors

With prefinished floors you know EXACTLY what you're getting. You see it beforehand, it's installed with no sanding, no stain, no finish. So it's a quicker install. Prefinished floors tend to have beveled edges, so you can usually feel the tiny spaces between the planks with your feet. Prefinished floors can be refinished in the future.

On Site Finished

Floors that are finished on site allows you a lot of customization. This is something many homeowners investing in new wood floors want. You can control the exact cut, pattern, color and finish, down to the smallest detailed. We offer dustless sanding to help reduce the mess in your home during installation.

On-site finishing means the raw wood is installed, then sanded, stained (or not), and finished with your preference of sheen. There are two types of finishes, both are great and have pros and cons.

  • Oil based finishes tend to be shiny and harder. But they yellow or amber over time, changing the look and color of the floor.
  • Water based finishes tend to look more natural, are better for the environment, and smell much less. They also wear a bit faster, although there are some terrific water based finishes.
On Site Finished

Finish comes in a variety of sheens ranging from Glossy, to Semi-Gloss, Satin to Matte.

Engineered Hardwood Floors

Engineered wood floors are made of plywood or high density fiberboard with a thin strip of wood veneer glued to the top. They work really well in areas with big temperature changes or higher humidity. Engineered wood floors can be installed on top of concrete. But they are not waterproof and they can only be refinished one time (if at all). Many hardwood flooring contractors won't refinish engineered flooring.

With Engineered Wood Floors there is no onsite sanding. Floors are installed, as is, directly in the space.

Professional Installation

For professional installation,  look no further than Arlington Hardwood Flooring in Arlington, VA. Our service is high quality, professional and we offer competitive rates.

Get new floors installed in your space. Call 571-771-2300 or contact us for hardwood floor installation on our quote form.

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