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Commercial Hardwood Flooring


When it comes to hardwood flooring, we not only offer our services to the residential market, we also provide services to all types of commercial establishments. Doing commercial hardwood flooring poses its own set of challenges as we need to minimize your companies downtime so that you can get back to doing what you do best. Luckily for you, at Arlington Hardwood Flooring we understand that and work with the utmost efficiency so that we don't compromise with your day-to-day operations. So get in touch with us so that we can discuss your needs, and implement a plan to best suit your business.

Residential versus Commercial

An important consideration to take into account when deciding which floors to use in your commercial settings is the foot traffic aspect. As you can imagine, the floors in a commercial environment would undergo a lot more wear and tear than the same style of the floor set in a residential environment. That being said, Hardwood flooring is an exceptional choice even for a commercial setting as it can add a warm feel in an otherwise cold space that generally could use a little extra aesthetic appeal. So if you are not sure what type of wood flooring would work best in your space, then give us a call so we can run a few ideas past you.

Solid Hardwood vs Engineered Hardwood

Wood flooring can offer a certain appeal that other flooring types certainly can't match. However, you must select the right type of wood for your day-to-day needs. Solid hardwood is a perfect choice for a residential home because it takes a lot less weight due to your daily routine. Engineered hardwood on the other hand is more suited to a commercial setting. Engineered hardwood is stronger than solid hardwood because it is comprised of multiple layers of veneers compressed together, rather than just one piece of wood. This allows it to be suited to environments that operate heavy machinery as well.


As with all flooring types, maintenance needs to be one of your priorities. Even more so when you consider flooring in a commercial environment. This is why when choosing hardwood flooring, having a maintenance plan is important so that you can extend the longevity of your floors, as well as keep your hardwood floors looking shiny and in tip-top condition. Luckily for you, we not only install commercial hardwood flooring, but we also offer cleaning services that are guaranteed to keep your floors looking healthy and ensure a longer life span. So we have all your maintenance needs covered.

Health Benefits

When considering which floor type you want in your commercial spaces, you should keep the health of your employees in mind. A little-known fact about hardwood flooring is that it offers improved quality of air, which has benefits against allergies and also minimizes the amount of trapped dust when compared to other flooring types like carpets. There are many health benefits that point toward hardwood flooring being the right choice for your commercial environment, so if you would like to hear more about the positives of hardwood flooring, then feel free to contact us so that one of our friendly representatives can assist you.

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