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When it comes to hardwood flooring and all that goes along with it, we at Arlington Hardwood Floors are here to assist you with all your needs. As you have probably guessed, we are based in Arlington and have made a name for ourselves over the years as being leaders of industry and specialists in all things wood-related. We do things differently than other contracting companies and apply the simple logic that if our customers are happy, then we are happy. So take a look at our services page to see if our offerings suit your needs.

We like to have a hands-on approach with our customers, and as some of them have told us, they are generally wary of contractors because a lot of them over promise and under deliver. We have taken that to heart so that our customers never feel that they are not getting their money's worth. So if you require hardwood floor installation, or perhaps you just need your old hardwood floors repaired, then we are the right company for you. We can assure you that all our staff are not only passionate about woodwork but also experts in their respective fields. So you can rest easy knowing that you are having your floors taken care of by people who care about you and your needs. So take a look at some of our testimonials and reviews that people have given us. It is the reason that we keep doing only the highest quality of work.


Since our earliest beginnings, we have always been committed to achieving a higher standard of quality. We go above and beyond to produce the best for every one of our clients, no matter what it was that they hoped to achieve. From exceptional installations to careful maintenance to diligent repairs, we can assure you of the best in every way. And with a sterling reputation for customer service and personal care, we know that we can promise you of it all. You can always expect the best when you place your faith in us. So, take the time to speak to us about your particular needs today and find out for yourself exactly how it is that we can aid you.

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